About the Book

david-with-playbillsFalling off Broadway is a witty, entertaining memoir by Tony Award-winning producer David Black of his adventures on Broadway. The book is filled with revealing personal accounts of theatrical luminaries and well-known figures such as Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Julie Harris, Gene Hackman, Joel Grey, Bernadette Peters, Burt Reynolds, Julie Andrews, Joshua Logan, Alan King, David Merrick, Donald Trump, and Richard Nixon.

This memoir is based on David Black’s one-man play, which received rave reviews in New York and London. In The Times of London, Benedict Nightingale wrote, “David Black is unabashed enough to own up to his life-lapses with a wry, dry humour. I enjoyed his show for the glimpses it gave of Broadway and one of its victims: himself.”

Time Out said, “You couldn’t make this stuff up. Black is an engaging performer … a remarkable character … he does it all with plenty of wit. The show is pure pleasure.”

Listen to Black’s appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show here.

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